Our plastic piping materials, such as valves, pipes, fittings and joints
has been popular under the brand name of "ASAHI AV" .
We have developed these products which offer various advantages
through many years of experiences and a wealth of know-how.
We carry various kind of industrial products to meet the customer's demands.

PP other various syntheticresin products processing and salesPP
Available technical instructions on various kinds of plastic proccessing, and also available our own designing, manufacturing and processing.
In recent years, polypropylene products attract rising attention in industries under the environmental concern.
We have wide networks with Taiwan where is more advanced in technical and demands of PP material than Japan,
and that allows reasonable price and delivery lead time for our customers.

Ancillary works and chemical plant design and manufacture
We propose equipments with superior cost performance are by our past experiences in many years.
Available apparatus installation, plumbing, electricity instrumentation, construction, and etc., which chemical plant facilities require.

Design, production of FRP-related products.

Available designing and production of super high corrosion resistance
products such as FRP lining (PVC+FRP, PFA+FRP, PTFE+FRP)
as well as molded FRP components.

Fluoric Resin Related Products.
The fluoric resin has been changing in many grades since it was discovered in 1939 by Dr. Plunket of DUPON,
and the material is still developing material.
We select the most suitable materials for individual customers, method of processing and fabrication.