「We wish to meet all the demands at our customers.」

Our company was established in Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi in 1967.

We started with three staff at 20u of small office, second floor of a building facing Tosabori Street.

We move to the current location since 1987 under the expansion of business alter with time.

The motto of our company is “Provide Appropriate Information to meet all the demands at customers, and supply settle products

to our customers”.

At the time of the establishment of our company, we were specialized in trade of water and sewage-related plumbing materials.

However, we faced hard competition with number of existing stores, and it was not easy for new entrant like us.

And after ten years since that time;

Along with the expanded IC-related electronic component industries in Japan, our solution busines has been progressed together,

and now that become to our additional core business.

Of course this became the big driving force of the development of later our company.

Then currently we have made a start to establish foreign production base to provide better products to our customers.

Needless to say, the imported products have been widely sold in domestic markets in Japan, however, we are also very much interested in projects in oveaseas

We are quite sure the experiences and know-how that our company has been cultivated can be used to advantage to

develop further business in the fields.

We want to challenge new possibilities with our customers together.

The foundation of our company dates back to a history of Kawamata-Daisyou Group, who has 200 years of
soy sauce manufacturer in Sakai, Osaka.

Mr. Matabei, a founding father of Kawamata-Daisho Group began soy sauce business since 1800 at Senshu, Sakai.

That was a beginning of Kawamata soy sauce.

Until the early half of Edo era, Senshu, Sakai was the biggest soy sauce production center in Japan, however,
it had been into a gradual decline with time. Kawamata-Daisho was the only one who supported soy sauce business in Sakai to provide

Edozumi soy sauce (Kudari soy sauce) at that time.

Alter with time, the Kawamata company has started the development of FRP tanks for their own plants under the collaborative investigation with  ASAHI POLYMER INDUSTRIES CO., LTD in 1957, and succeeded in the FRP lining construction of a tree-pail resolution tank and the concrete tank.

Along with applying for petty patent, the first trial has become very popular in the industry, then finally the boom brought to establish
a new company,Kawamata Polylac Industry Co., Ltd.

After that time, Maruichi Shoko was established with 3 working staff with business contents of utility work,
tool manufacturing, distribution of thermoplastic products, and constructions.

It was September in the year of 1967.

At that time in Japan, semiconductor industry began to arise in the market, and IC-related industry such as printed-circuit board has started to make fastest-growing.

We had progressed along with the growth of electronic component industries. Through the business in various plant facilities, have been winning the customer's trust ever before.

Thanks to the supports from customers and friends in industries, we could commemorate 40th anniversary in 2006. the foundation 40th anniversary in 2006.

We do appreciate for your continuous supports and look forward to unchanging cooperation in the future.